August additions

New photos have been added to the site covering some of the car models, coachbuilders and products together with some press cuttings of “Used Cars on the Road” and Road Tests.

The owner of this 1953 TA21 Tickford in the 1960s is keen to find if it still exists.

Our records only go up to 1974 when LER 834 was in Naples, Italy. Does anyone know where it is now?


Did you know Alvis manufactured colour printers?

A new page Printers has more photos and a video link.


To find the new photos and articles click on the following which all open on new tabs so you can return to this post:

1920s – VINTAGE  

TD21 : 1958-1963

Vanden Plas 


Crested Eagle  

Silver Eagle

Which Australian Speed 20 is this with wipers at the top of the screen and twin side mounts? On the reverse is written Gordon Nicol of Rose Bay, New South Wales but was he the owner?
Wayne Brooks found this photo circa 1955, of 11993 with Roy Clement at the wheel of his father, Toby Clement’s car, registration FP 101
Who is this with John Parkes?
Who is driving what, where and when? And what is on the scuttle? Tony Cox thinks it is definitely Racing Car No. 1. See Hull & Johnson, 2nd Ed, page 89 Plate 41. You can match the bonnet handle, gear lever and handbrake, bonnet strap, the alignment of the exhaust pipe, and the seam in the offside panel of the scuttle. The fact that it has a windscreen in your pic does not rule this out. That could have been added or removed at any time, and the car was much modified in other ways during this early period. I do not recognise the driver, but he is most probably either Tommy Simister, an agent who Alvis used to promote the performance of Alvis cars and to whom they sold this one, or Jack Linnell, who bought the car from Simister in September 1924.

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4 thoughts on “August additions”

  1. The photo of John Parkes was taken at a post war Motor Show. The other person could be the MD of Brooklands of Bond Street.
    Ron Walton

  2. My records indicate that Trevor Eastwood of Western Australia owns the Speed 20 with top mounted windscreen wipers. John Lang
    1935 SP20 SC Saloon
    Chassis # 11993 Car # 12443 Engine # 12443 replaced with SP25 engine # 14062 ex works 14.01.35
    Believed to have had 6 Sydney owners before it was purchased by Toby Clement of Earlwood, NSW. Photo is of car when Clement owned it. Bought by Cunningham circa 1960 when car was in poor condition. Sold as was to Peter Pemberton of Connells Point, NSW in July 1967. In 1970 was sold to Bob Higgins of Toukley, NSW in 1970. In April 2002, as a deceased estate, was sold at auction to Trevor Eastwood, West Perth WA

    1. Further information about the Eastwood car – earlier in the year Trevor and his wife drove the car more than 3,500km from Perth to Melbourne to take part in both the Centenary Down Under and Alvis Centenary tours and back to Perth following the tours. John Lang

  3. Re: Clements car photo, this photo appeared on the front cover of the April 1958 “ALVIBATICS*”, with a current NSW Alvis Car Club member, Mr Alan Griffin (then Vice-President) standing along side of the car. Mr Griffin, now resides in Surrey, UK.
    The event was at the now defunct Pitt Town airstrip (NSW) some time prior to photo publication. Possibly the 1954 meeting.
    * Alvibatics is the official journal of the Alvis Car Club of NSW, Australia.

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