Early or late?

My doormat was covered in some heavy post this week, all of it expected. The most eagerly awaited for over two years was the latest tome from Dave Culshaw, our Consultant Historian, finally published by Veloce in August 2022. The culmination of a lifetime of car spotting, number recording and diligent research in company archives, public libraries and registration offices this book is published 64 years after his first. His next book is already in preparation. More information from the publishers Veloce. Existing orders may take a while to filter through from other booksellers.

This website also benefits from his prodigious output over the years, including many of his PPS articles, P P S by Dave Culshaw and his invaluable contribution to the many Model Registers published in the 1980s and 1990s. These registers are constantly updated as errors are discovered.

For example, Clive Taylor tells us in AOC Bulletin 596 the registration of TE21 27111 was wrongly recorded in Dave’s 2003 book Alvis Three Litre in Detail. The correct number is recorded in this latest book which lists all the known original registration numbers on Alvis cars (at the date of compilation).

August reading list

In contrast, the latest edition of Octane is dated October 2022, which gives it a long shelf life. Not much about Alvis this time but a good read about rare and interesting cars, not least an article by Mark Dixon on why the late 1960s is a good place to find a comfortable driving seat. He also sets the hare running about substituting the propulsion with electricity.

The July/August 2022 AOC Bulletin showed up just in time to be in August together the Annual Report and Accounts with the Chairman proclaiming the Club to be in fine fettle.

The Bulletin itself devotes space to the subject of Orginality and in particular the Club’s policy thereon. We devoted a page to this some years ago ORIGINALITY and Specials. Comments are welcome on that page. It should be noted that in response, we created the Preservation Class for Concours entrants – how did that turn out?

Also included was a note of correspondence between Adam Gilchrist and the Chairman on the subject of AAT funding which the trustees had not seen before. They will be considering their response and advising members accordingly.

Further photos from Pebble Beach and the results are now included in a new gallery on Graber.

News just received from Christoph Grohe is that in 2023 there will be an Alvis Class – anyone for a Alvis Tour of California?

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Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

3 thoughts on “Early or late?”

  1. Dear Sirs,

    Having had Alvis cars for many years I always look forward to reading the Alvis Archive.

    I still have some Alvis books that I wish to sell and some members lists from 1961 to 2012 that I no longer need and I a not sure whether they are still advertised in the Bulletin .If you could kindly remind me of the Bulletin editor’s contact details I would like to e-mail him.

    Do you know the whereabouts of HUS 304.(TB14), NVM 400 (TA21) ?

    Kind regards.

    Nayland Smith


    1. Dear Nayland, Thank you for your kind comment. Your old TB14 HUS 384 was last heard of in Worcestershire and the TA21 in Germany ten years ago. The calendar editor’s email for your advert is calendar@alvisoc.org but I will forward any enquiries we receive to you.

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