Vintage motoring, aluminium and the database

Two new articles have been added to our pages this month.

On the Vintage page is the promised article by John Archer about his grandfather’s remarkable diary of early Alvis motoring with several period photos, click Vintage

Our indefatigable historian has put finger to keyboard to produce a fascinating insight into the construction of the early Three Litres using aluminium on the PPS by Dave Culshaw page, Click here

Our plea for help in creating an index of 64 years of Alvis Bulletins has met with an enthusiastic response from New Zealand. Clive Taylor has started the index but it is a big job best divided between several people. If you fancy indexing a year (or more) of Bulletins do get in touch by leaving a comment. Once it is done all references to a particular car can be flagged up, easily found using the Bulletin DVD and then copied into the database.


The Doug Woodrow Collection

We have received copies of a fine collection of 60s photos take by the late Doug Woodrow from Sue Woodrow. This one poses some questions…

Can you name the people, the car, the place and the date? At least one current AOC official is in the picure.
Can you name the people, the car, the place and the date? At least one current AOC official is in the picture.



Sue says:

“I think the car TWX 266 in the photo is probably the ‘Special’ belonging to Norman Routledge who had a garage at Seacroft near Leeds.  It is a long time ago but I think that is Norman at the wheel; Doug and I used to frequent his garage and on one occasion he offered the car to Doug for £200 as he was selling up and going to live in the Isle of Man.  We often came home with Alvis bits in the boot of our car which we had not actually bought but Norman thought Doug would like!  The car was very much ‘lightened’ but unfortunately Doug was too big/tall and could not get in to drive it consequently had to turn the offer down.  It was sold to John Wiggins near Thirsk and is now owned, I believe, by his son. The photo I believe was taken at Northern Alvis Day at Riccal in 1964/5.”

Now we all agree it is the Routledge Special, a search through the Bulletins shows that Norman appeared in 101 Bulletins with 156 mentions, several of these as adverts.

DVD search Routledge


NEC photo gallery

We enjoyed a great three day show, thanks to the owners who displayed their cars and the members and visitors who came and spoke to us on the stand.

NEC set up
Build up day with the Trust’s display boards
One corner complete
NEC Brian Symes
Brian takes a well earned rest
NEC build team 2016
Thursday evening – job done
David’s TF21 Drophead
NEC Graber osr
Graber TE21 cabriolet
NEC TE21 2015
TE21 drophread coupe
The Hewitt TF21 auto
The Willmott TF21 ex- Alvis Director’s car
NEC Alvis stand 3 250
Our Alvis stand 250 of five cars in Hall 3
Paul Chasney’s FWD on the Federation Stand
NEC 26664
Hurst Park sold this TD21 auto at the show
NEC 27246
Gaydon, Heritage Motor Centre’s Graber TE21 1965 model
NEC Monty Hewitt
Monty Hewitt getting ready for his turn at the wheel

Alvis await at the Lancaster Classic Motor Show

The Alvis team have again put together an exceptional display of the TE21 and TF21 models at the NEC Birmingham. Come and visit us in Hall 3, stand 250 have a chat and look at the new display boards put together by the trustees. More Alvis are on display on other stands including a front wheel drive (FBHVC) and a Graber cabriolet (Heritage Motor Centre).

Please send your photos

The hoped for 200 entries for the competition have not yet arrived so if you were planning to send some, the expected cold dark evenings are the perfect excuse to get them emailed. The closing date is 30th November 2015. However, a keen photographer has been out taking pictures at Christchurch Park, Ipswich this weekend….

Nick Simpson writes: “Here are two more pictures for comment re identity and location….”

 Alvis racing car No 1 HP6161 1
The vintage car is HP6161, Racing Car Number One photographed in a Coventry street in the 1920’s.
Alvis racing car No 1 - 2 2
If you haven’t visited the AOC website lately you will find that it has changed and now has regular news updates – visit and Red Triangle have some videos you might enjoy

Alvis at Hershey

Hershey, Pennsylvania is the home of chocolate and the biggest antique car meeting in America, a four day event held in October. If you don’t know a Marmon from a Pierce-Arrow then this is the place to visit. Countless trade stands and private enthusiasts gather to buy and sell car stuff and socialise. RM Auctions were selling some fabulous cars on two evenings. On Saturday morning a big field of cars of all ages congregated in fourteen long avenues for the Concours.

The Alvis stand in Chocolate Field South, row CZ 24-6
The Alvis stand in Chocolate Field South, row CZ 24-6

Every year the AOC is represented by Wayne Brooks, wearing his Alvis hat so everyone knows to offer parts and information whenever they see him. Alvis cars are rare in America but we found two there and another advertised for sale. One in particular is worthy of several photos as it almost certainly unique. It looks like a Lagonda body but can anyone tell us more?

20723 screen20723 hood up20723 nsf

20723 nsr

Wayne takes a picture
Wayne takes a picture

for sale 43

and it was good to see….

Bruce Earlin at Hershey
Bruce Earlin at Hershey